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  1. Joan Bessey says:

    Noel and Betty Jane have brought more to us and this church than they will ever know and I thank them very much.I believe in my heart that he has Gods blessings in this decision to finally retire for the LAST time. Tho I personally will miss them very much, I realize it would be selfish of me to regret thier decision.

    I know they can never be replaced,but I pray we can find someone who will continue to help us grow as a church family.

    To Betty Jane & Noel,
    We love you!

    Joan and Harold Bessey

  2. jennifer says:

    mr noel and mrs bettyjane

    i am going to miss you all please stay in touch with me i do not no what i would do with out you when i come to church you make me happy if i am down i just have to see you all and i am back smile i have not been there in a couple of weeks because i fell and got hurt and got to stay on my ankle but i hope i will get to see you all again soon and thank you for being there for me and for all the time mr noel gives me a hard time and i hope to here from you all take care

    love jennifer wright

    phone 386 325-5775 (home) 386 227 -8353 (cell)

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Welcome to San Mateo Presbyterian Church!

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WELCOME to the worshipping fellowship of San Mateo Presbyterian Church. If you are looking for a church home, we warmly invite you to become a part of our Christian family.

We are people who are on the grow and we hope you will feel strengthened because of your worship experience at our Sunday morning service.

San Mateo Presbyterian Church
201 Currie Road
P.O. Box 57
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Church Office (386)325-4854
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Prayers & Concerns (386) 649-6796
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Happy Birthday to our October Birthdays!

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Oct 03 - Dominic L.C. Piscitello
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Happy Anniversary to Our October Couples!

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The Potter’s House Mortgage PAID IN FULL!

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The Potter's House Mortgage has been PAID IN FULL. Thank you for all the hard work the fundraiser dinner volunteers did and all the special donations and contributions from members of the congregation to make this a reality. Exactly 3 years ago a $50,000 mortgage was taken out to build The Potter's House and through everyone's hard work, dedication, and donations, the mortgage has been PAID IN FULL - YAHOO!

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